Finish Strong

Planning and Goal Setting are essential components to winning. If you don’t have goals established and on paper your plan is just another form of hoping. The economy is showing signs of recovery.  And now is when we want to dig in and Finish Strong.

Finishing strong is more important than how you start because a good start will help you get to the finish line faster, but without a strong push at the end, you’ll just come up short.  This is very true because many have a FAST start in a business and then there are others just like myself who have VERY SLOW start in their business and we've fallen down a time or two...  Again, it doesn’t matter if you are a slow starter or not.  It’s how we choose to finish.  

Common knowledge says you need to make a good first impression. First impressions make a difference, right? If you were to do a Google search for advice on first impressions, you'd be sent to many sites giving you certain “rules”, “tips”, and even videos.  However, if you were to TRY this same search for finishing strong you won’t find much information at all other than dealing with SPORTS…  

I was happy to find a phenomenal video about Finish Strong.  This was absolutely amazing.  This is a video by a man named Nick Vujicic.  He was born with no arms or legs, but is using his disability to inspire people and give them hope.  He gives a very STRONG and MOVING speech to young kids and adults everywhere called “Are You Going To Finish Strong?”  I highly suggest that everyone see his videos.  Simply watching him will help you to think differently about what problems and challenges you might be currently facing in your business and life today.Albert Einstein said:  "In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity."It doesn't matter where you are today.  What matters the most is if you choose to change your "stars".  I'm sure many of you have watched the movie "A Knights Tale" with Heath Ledger.  This is a movie about a young boy who is sent away to live with a knight.  As he was leaving his father told him to change his stars.  He was grown and his knight had passed away and he impersonated this knight to win tournaments to get gold so he and his companions could eat.  A long story short it was about him going after what he wanted the most in life and that was to become a knight himself.  He was told it would never happen and yet he went out and changed his stars.

We can too because: 
Its OUR choice to get out of bed each day and work to acquire the things we want in life
Its OUR choice to commit to success or NOT to commit
Its OUR choice to overcome any and all challenges that we face

To Finish Strong means to finish what you start and NOT stop.  Being consistent over time and being committed to you.  It’s more than a statement it’s an attitude of believing you can do anything and it’s about having courage and determination to see it through.

Dan Green said (author of the book Finish Strong) ~  “Regardless of what came before of what has yet to come, what matters most right now is how I choose to respond to the challenge before me.  Will I lie down or will I fight?  The choice is mine and I CHOOSE to finish strong!”

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