Consistency is a GREAT Key in Success

Things will always come up in our lives but the key is to NEVER stop. What ever obstacle you are currently facing you MUST keep going and not stop.

As long as you continue to work you’ll keep that momentum going and getting that momentum going is what will really propel our business to new levels. We must understand that building momentum will take time, however if you are consistent and persistent you will see results.

To truly enjoy your work at home business, you need to make it successful of course and there are many factors that will determine whether your business would be a success or not. Some of the most important of these factors include consistency and persistence. Yes there is a lot of similarity between these two factors, but not entirely. With consistency you are dedicated and faithfully doing something while being persistent will keep you going no matter if you fall down.

As you work your business, not everyday is going to be the same. But what you'll find is that those who are successful are the one's who stuck to their job, no matter what. Being successful is not about how smart you are, it has more to do about having the ability to keep working day in and day out with a definite target in mind and having a precise plan.

Consistency means that you work day after day without taking huge breaks. For example, working every day for an hour is more effective than working one day for 5 hours and then not working for 4 days, then working another 2 hours, and not working for 3 days. Even though you might have put in the same amount of hours that week, you will probably see more results be doing something EVERY DAY, rather than working in big chunks and then taking a lot of time off. I bring this up simply because that is how I started out in my first 11 months. I worked my business maybe 5 times a month. I wasn't consistent in any way.

Did you know that Mt. Everest is not considered to be the most difficult mountain to climb? Technically speaking anyway, it's the huge distance and great heights that make it such a hard mountain. But those who stick around and climb it are the one's on top of the world'. In other words, those with survival instincts and those who live to see another day are the most successful climbers.

The same is the case in a work at home business. You need a plan and a long term focus, but your immediate concern should be to keep doing your job day in and day out, and you will see that one milestone after another will be accomplished. And finally you will be able to reach your goal.

That is what consistency and persistence can help you achieve. I know that we are all our own boss and we set our own schedule. Just because you set your own days and hours you work, doesn’t mean you WANT to work! I didn’t when I first started and that is why I didn’t go too far in the beginning. However, if you take a stand and you work your business like it’s a JOB where you have a boss that will FIRE you if you don’t work then you WILL see success.

I want you to think about it this way. You are the boss and employee yet still 2 different people. Being the boss looking at how you are or are not working your business would you fire yourself? That's a powerful question that I was asked once while taking a teleconference class hosted by Dani Johnson. Her asking that ONE question is what really helped me and got my thought process to change quite significantly.

In the exact moment you set a goal for yourself, don’t you feel exulted and accomplished and convinced of your ability to achieve that goal?

Aren’t you excited of the outcome accomplishing that goal will provide? Most of us are.

But then what happens? Life happens. We are asked to do this and that, the kids are sick, your tired – you can fill in the blank from your own life. When we finally recover from the many twists and turns that life throws at us, we realize that hours, days or weeks have passed since we paid any attention to our goals. More importantly, we may end up working so hard at life that we either don’t have the energy to put toward our business goals, or we feel justified in "taking a break" and not doing any more work.

Also, many of us have the "all or nothing" syndrome. We might hold such high expectations about how much we will accomplish, and then if we don't meet the high standards we set, we might decide that it isn’t worth doing at all.

In the moment we create the goal, we many times have a strong desire that allows us to see the accomplished goal visually. It allows us to imagine all the things we might accomplish. Being able to see this vision is a wonderful asset but we have to always remember that seeing something and DOING something are two complete different things.

Now many of us rely on fear, anger, anxiety or other forms of outer motivation to set and accomplish goals and this can be why some do not meet their own expectations they have set. The reason being is, we are not taught to "command" ourselves to do something. The inner motivation is what is powerful and is what will help us to get on the path for freedom.

Studies have shown that it takes 30 to break a habit and create a new one in its place. One thing that I have said in the past is that the work we do or do NOT do today we’ll see that outcome in 30 days. What I mean by that is... if I decide to make 10 extra calls today I'll see the outcome of the extra work in 30 days, or if I decide to take the day off I'll see that outcome in 30 days.

The whole point of consistency is not so that we can say that we have worked REALLY hard for X amount of days, but so that we can gain momentum and continue building our business.

One of the best things we can do in the beginning is to practice consistency. One way that you can practice this is by doing the consistency exercise. For example, I might decide to get online and post ads for a SOLID 30 minutes everyday at Noon for 30 days. IF I MISS A DAY OR MISS MY CHOSEN TIME, I MUST START AGAIN AT DAY 1. The key is to keep the task very simple and basic, and to do it consistently. The point is that you want to choose one thing that will help you build your business and you want to do it every single day for 30 days straight. When we miss a day, we must start again from day 1. What this is going to do is build not only consistency but also persistency as well!

The consistency exercise can help you gain momentum in 30 days to accomplish a lot in your business. As a result of using this exercise, many have achieved significant results, ranging from promotions to signing up more business and also accomplishing new income levels.

This exercise is so simple. What could you lose by trying it? Now think of what you have to gain? Well, you have everything to gain!

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